About Us

Reiff Farm Service

     The year was 1977,  dad was working for a local John Deere dealership as a service tech when they closes their doors for good. Their customers urged him to start his own repair shop and continue  service and repairs on their equipment. So that's exactly what happened. A short while later he started up a little repair shop on his own farm and began repairing farm equipment. Since then the business was relocated and many changes have come about in the farming industry, but we are still here, working on farm equipment. As you can see we specialize in John Deere tractors, and although we still do service & repairs, we also sell farm equipment as well, here again, mainly John Deere tractors. 

    The reason we stick exclusively with John Deere is very simple. Because that's what we know the best, and the more you focus on one thing the better you get at it. 

      So... that's our story in a nut shell. Stop by and check us out, nothing fancy, and maybe a little old school, but we will try to help you where we can.