Here at Reiff Farm Service we are all green, by that I mean that we specialize in John Deere.

    The reason we focus on John Deere is quite simple. It's not because they are necessarily  better then other brands, (although some people think so) its just that's what we started with, and that's what we stuck with, and the more you focus on one thing the better you get at it. You get to know the in's & out's of them, each model, and whether they are prone to problems or not. That's what we have been doing for over 40 years, and believe it or not we are still learning. We are not a John Deere dealer, but are a family owned and operated independent repair shop working exclusivity on John Deere tractors.

    Are you sick and tired of your dealers service department? Don't get me wrong now, there are still some good ones out there, but the truth be told, good service technicians are hard to find these days.  Now we realize that we are all humans and we do make mistakes sometimes, that's the facts, the same is true here at Reiff Farm Service, but If you are continually met with large bills and/or problems that can't be fixed on your John Deere tractor, why not give us a try? In fact we are so confident that we can fix your problems and for less money that we will even guarantee it!

     So here is our guarantee, very simple, not complicated at all. If we cannot fix the problem with your tractor its free, no charge to you, period.  Is that fair enough? We think so too. So go ahead and give us a try, how can you lose? That my friend is how we soften the pain.

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Our Services



Complete rebuilds to minor tune-ups and everything in between. Gas or diesel it doesn't matter, if its got pistons and rods its not a prob.



Power Shift, Quad Range, Syncro range, PowerQuad, CommandQuad, AutoQuad, Syncro Plus,  IVT,  yeah you get the picture.



Open Center, Closed Center, Load Sense, high pressure, low pressure,  or no pressure.

Air conditioning


R12 refrigerant,   R134a refrigerant, and most often its no refrigerant.



Green and Yellow, actually there is a lot more involved then that. Stop by and see what we can do for your old girl.

Cab Interior


New cab interior can make your cab look soooo much better.

Electronic diagnostics


Do dash warning lights and error messages give you nightmares?  It is frustrating when things don't work as they should. But the good news is, there is a solution.